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Getting Back In the Exercise Groove

When was the last time you decided to hit the gym? If you are like most people, it can be hard to revive your regimen, especially if it has been awhile since you worked out. Fortunately, you don't have to let a little downtime make you feel sluggish. I have been super skinny and over the top fat, and I know what it takes to get back to the gym after a long hiatus. My blog details my own journey, so that you can stay motivated to attend those classes, perfect your run, or lift weights until it feels like your arms will fall off.


Strength Training Equipment That Does Not Take Up Much Space

Strength training is an important part of any fitness routine. It helps build and maintain muscle, which reduces the chances of injury when you participate in other activities and sports. Some workout enthusiasts assume they can't keep their own strength training equipment at home because they don't have room to set up a home gym with weight machines and lifting benches. However, not all strength training equipment takes up so much space. Here are some very effective pieces of strength training equipment that you can keep even in a small apartment:


Kettlebells are big, round weights shaped like kettles. Each one has a handle at the top. You pick up the weight by the handle and can then perform various exercises, such as swinging it back and forth between your legs, lifting it to your chest, and pressing it upward from your shoulders. You can buy kettlebells in various weights, from 5 pounds to more than 100 pounds, so you can invest in just two or three that meet your needs. They can easily be stashed under a table or under your bed when not in use.

Resistance Bands 

Strength training does not always have to mean weightlifting -- you can also strengthen your muscles via a resistance workout. Resistance bands are like big rubber bands. You can loop them around your legs and arms to perform various exercises, and you can even loop them around chairs and other furniture. Since you can roll up the resistance band when it is not in use, it barely takes up more space than a shirt or towel. You can buy a variety of bands in varying resistances so you can build up to bands with more resistance as you grow stronger.

Stability Ball

You've probably seen the large balls that people like to sit on to perform crunches and other ab workouts. These balls are excellent if you have space for one, and if you do not have the space then you can opt for a smaller stability ball. Just a little bigger than a basketball, these balls are made from thicker material than a yoga ball, but they're soft enough that you can still sit on them. Doing so is a great way to strengthen your abs and back.

Strength training does not have to involve heavy equipment! With these smaller pieces of strength training equipment, you can get a great workout.