Getting Back In the Exercise Groove

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Getting Back In the Exercise Groove

When was the last time you decided to hit the gym? If you are like most people, it can be hard to revive your regimen, especially if it has been awhile since you worked out. Fortunately, you don't have to let a little downtime make you feel sluggish. I have been super skinny and over the top fat, and I know what it takes to get back to the gym after a long hiatus. My blog details my own journey, so that you can stay motivated to attend those classes, perfect your run, or lift weights until it feels like your arms will fall off.


Physician Assisted Weight Loss Programs: A Safe Way To Lose Weight

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating. If you don't know the right things to do, then it can seem like everything you do has no result. That is why physician-assisted weight loss programs are so beneficial. A doctor can tailor multiple variables, such as diet, exercise, and behavior therapy, to create an optimal and safe result for you.

Diet and Nutrition

Often, one of the hardest things to change is how you eat. You have certain comfort foods, snacks, and eating times that you like. New foods that are more nutritious can taste bad or just different, making it very easy to slip and go back to the old way of eating.

A nutrition program keeps you accountable to your doctor for what you eat and drink. Pre-packaged meal replacements can be a great way to stay on a specific diet. The pre-packaged meal replacement functions as a complete meal and often also include nutritious snacks at certain times throughout the day. Once the pre-packaged meal is gone, you are done until the next snack or meal. This makes regulation of your eating habits much simpler.

Meal replacements change in their goal over time. Often, the first stage is to lose weight. Once the desired amount of weight is gone, you can transition to different pre-packaged meals or cook your own foods based upon approved recipes.

Physical Activity and Exercise

Exercise can be intimidating. If you have not exercised for a long time, getting into the gym can be a de-motivating experience! Everything you could once do is so much harder, and you are sore for days afterwards.

With a physician-assisted exercise program, you aren't given more than you can handle. Often, exercise can start out with just getting and staying moving, utilizing a treadmill or long walks.

Technology can play its part, too, making exercise more goal-oriented. There are phone apps to track miles, heart rate, duration of exercise, etc., and match those up against personal or physician-set goals.

Behavior Modification Therapy

Behavior modification can have such negative connotations! Really, all it involves is replacing bad behaviors with good behaviors. By following a nutrition program and exercise regimen, you are changing your behavior.

It helps to understand what may trigger some of your bad habits, too. Your stress management may involve watching your favorite shows or eating a comfort food. If you can replace stress management with exercise and comfort food with a healthy snack, you can create constructive behaviors that further your weight loss goals.

Losing weight is easier if you are accountable to someone. A physician-assisted weight loss program brings that accountability to you via your doctor. Proven techniques can help you to safely lose weight and improve physical fitness. For more information, reach out to a center like Figure Weight Loss.